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      item. They can be purchased separately.

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The Butterfly People

The Butterfly People is a small family-owned and run business since 1970. They have dedicated their lives to preserving nature's art in their designs. All of their artwork has been made in Puerto Rico for the last 49 years. 

The butterflies are from all over the world. They are farmed butterflies that are collected in a sustainable manner after they have completed their full lifecycle. They are imported into the US under the supervision of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. All butterfly varieties used in the designs are non-CITES specimens. The colors are completely natural and have not been altered or enhanced in any way. 

The preservation process entails careful fumigation of the butterflies, removal of the antennae and the lower body parts; the body area that remains is preserved. They are protected within the hermetically sealed Lucite display case. The cases are permanently sealed and cannot be opened. 

The displays cannot be dropped or sharply impacted, as this will damage the integrity of the seal and could shatter the butterflies. They cannot repair the artwork if it is mishandled. If it is dropped or sharply impacted, it will be permanently broken, as would happen with glassware. 

If properly cared for, the displays will last to be passed from generation to generation. 

For the best care:

1. Avoid dropping or sharply impacting the display. 

2. Avoid hanging on a wall or area that receives direct sunlight to avoid any change in the colors. 

3. Clean with a damp soft cloth to remove dust when necessary.

Neither Puerto Rican Art and Crafts nor The Butterfly People are offering shipping on any of the butterfly designs.

All displays must be hand-carried while traveling and are the full responsibility of the client. 

5" x 5" Displays

6" x 6" Displays

7" x 7" Displays

7" x 10" Displays

10" x 10" Displays

12" x 12" Displays

12" x 18" Displays