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We feature a variety of fun designs that capture the distinct artistry of our talented artists.

Please Keep In Mind That:

  All of our items are handmade, and so the sizes in the descriptions are approximations.

  Availability of colors and designs will depend on the artist and the materials at hand.

  Stands used to prop items up in the photos are additional pieces, not included with the

      item. They can be purchased separately.

  There is an 11.5% sales tax to add to the total of the order; the tax applies to the             shipping and handling too.

  Shipping and Handling will depend on the item(s) selected. 

  To place an order, please e-mail, call or text us at (787) 725 - 5596 to verify

     availability of items and receive a shipping and handling estimate.

  We only mail to P.R. and the U.S.A.

  Photos do not represent the size of the item (please read the dimensions provided).

  Camera flash might alter colors.


Margarita Torres (San Juan, P.R.)

About the Artist: 


Printed Pillow Covers of Margarita's Original Drawings

100% Polyester Cover

Machine washable

Invisible zipper on the bottom

Double-sided design! The same image is printed on the back side.

For a 16" x 16" pillow insert.

$49.00 - just the printed cover

$56.00 - with the pillow insert


Flag Door in Calle San José

Protest Flag in Calle San José

Capilla de Cristo

Balcony in Calle Cruz

Narrow Building in Calle Tetuán

Castillo San Cristobal

Calle Trinitaria

Elizabeth González (Caguas, P.R.)

About the Artist: 


Printed Pillow Covers of Elizabeth's Original Designs


Machine washable

Some have a velcro opening; others close with overlapping fabric

The back is plain fabric

For a 19" x 19" pillow insert.

Identified by a specifid design code.

$39.00 - just the printed cover

$49.00 - with the pillow insert


Calle San Sebastián

La Bombonera

Enid Silvestry (San Juan P.R.)

About the Artist: 

She participates in many fairs.

Printed Pillow Covers of Enid's Original Designs


Machine washable

Closes with overlapping fabric

The back is plain fabric

There are 2 sizes: square (A) and rectangular (B and C).

       $45.00 - just the A pillow cover

       $55.00 - the A cover with the 16" x 16" pillow insert 

      $40.00 - just the B or C pillow cover

      $50.00 - the B or C pillow cover with the 16" x 12" pillow insert


Pink House

The Butterfly People