Delicate glass items that are safe to mail, including blown-glass, fused glass, and mosaic designs.

Naturally Inspired

Glass Crafts 

Glass Ornaments 

$16.00 each

4"H x 3"L

Fused Glass

               A - Countryside House                       E - Vieques Houses                 I - Puerto Rican Flag                       M - Nativity                            Q - El Morro Fort

               B - Old San Juan Façades                   F - Christmas Tree                   J - Palm Tree and Sailboat             N - Puerto Rican Parrot

               C - Lighthouse                                    G - Dove                                   K - Pascua (Poinsettia)                    O - Tropical Fish

               D - Piragua (Snow Cone Cart)           H - Angel                                  L - Three Wise Men                         P - Chapel of Christ

          A - Wise Men with coquí frog

          B - Nativity with plantain leaves

          C - Wise Men with amapola (poppy flower)


Bernardo "Nono" Díaz            (Caguas, P.R.)

Glass and Wood Machete with Puerto Rican Flag 


20"L x 4"H

Mosaic Glass

Has two adjustable hooks to hang vertically as well as horizontally.

B : Glass and Wood Crosses 

$30.00 - $40.00 

8.75"H x 6"L
Mosaic Glass

Hangs from Wall.

There many color combinations.



Vilma Jové           (San Juan, P.R.)

C : Mosaic Plaques 


5"L x 7"H
Mosaic Glass

Hangs from Wall.

        C1 - Old San Juan Building --> SOLD

        C2 - P.R. Flag Coquí




Please Keep In Mind That:

   All of our items are handmade, and so the sizes in the descriptions are approximations.

   Availability of colors and designs will depend on the artist and the materials at hand.

   Stands used to prop items up in the photos are additional pieces, not included with the

      item. They can be purchased separately.

   There is an 11.5% sales tax to add to the total of the order; the tax applies to the        shipping and handling too.

   Shipping and Handling will depend on the item(s) selected. 

   To place an order, please e-mail, call or text us at (787) 725 - 5596 to verify

     availability of items and receive a shipping and handling estimate.

   We only mail to P.R. and the U.S.A.

   Photos do not represent the size of the item (please read the dimensions provided).

   Camera flash might alter colors.