Delicate glass items that are safe to mail, including blown-glass, fused glass, and mosaic designs.

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                        Please keep in mind that:                    
   -  All of our items are hand-made, and so the sizes in  the descriptions
     are  approximations.  
  Availability of colors and designs will depend on  the  artist and the 
     m aterials at hand.
  - Stands used to prop items up in the photos are  additional pieces,  not 
     included with the item. Can be purchased separately.
  - There is an 11.5% sales tax to add to the total of the  order.
  - Shipping and handling will depend on the item(s)  selected.
  - To place an order, please e-mail ( or
     call/text us (787-725-5596) to verify availability of items and receive a
     shipping  and handling estimate. 

Vilma Jové     (San Juan, P.R.)

Glass Ornaments 

$16.00 each

4"H x 3"L

Fused Glass

               A - Countryside House                       E - Vieques Houses                 I - Puerto Rican Flag                       M - Nativity                            Q - El Morro Fort

               B - Old San Juan Façades                   F - Christmas Tree                   J - Palm Tree and Sailboat             N - Puerto Rican Parrot

               C - Lighthouse                                    G - Dove                                   K - Pascua (Poinsettia)                    O - Tropical Fish

               D - Piragua (Snow Cone Cart)           H - Angel                                  L - Three Wise Men                         P - Chapel of Christ

          A - Wise Men with coquí frog

          B - Nativity with plantain leaves

          C - Wise Men with amapola (poppy flower)


Bernardo "Nono" Díaz      (Caguas, P.R.)

Glass and Wood Machete with Puerto Rican Flag 


20"L x 4"H

Mosaic Glass

Has two adjustable hooks to hang vertically as well as horizontally.

Glass and Wood Crosses 

$30.00 - $40.00 

8.75"H x 6"L
Mosaic Glass

Hangs from Wall.

There many color combinations.