Christmas Tree Ornaments

Naturally Inspired

Our beautiful collection of ornaments, for decorating a Christmas Tree or to hang on the wall year-round.

Please Keep In Mind That:

   All of our items are handmade, and so the sizes in the descriptions are approximations.

   Availability of colors and designs will depend on the artist and the materials at hand.

   Stands used to prop items up in the photos are additional pieces, not included with the

      item. They can be purchased separately.

   There is an 11.5% sales tax to add to the total of the order; the tax applies to the        shipping and handling too.

   Shipping and Handling will depend on the item(s) selected. 

   To place an order, please e-mail, call or text us at (787) 725 - 5596 to verify

     availability of items and receive a shipping and handling estimate.

   We only mail to P.R. and the U.S.A.

   Photos do not represent the size of the item (please read the dimensions provided).

   Camera flash might alter colors.


Check out more of Vilma's work under Ceramic Crafts!

Reynaldo Real (Bayamón, P.R.)

Check out more of Reynaldo's work under Ceramic Crafts 2!

A : Small Ceramic Stars

$8.00 each

2.25"L x 2.25"H

More colors available for the Wise Men, Nativity, Angel, Fort, and Baby Jesus designs.

      A1 - Three Wise Men

      A2 - Nativity

      A3 - Angel

      A4 - Poinsettia with Coquí Frog

      A5 - Fort with Coquí Frog

      A6 - Rooster, P.R. Flag, and Coquí

      A7 - Baby Jesus with Coquí

      A8 - Flamboyán Tree with Coquí




Ceramic Ornaments

Variety of styles. 

On the back, if there is space, they say: 

            Puerto Rico - Bayamón (artisan's town)

            Rey Real (artisan's signature)

            2020 (or the year it was made)

They hang from a string.



B : Medium Star Ornaments with Wise Men and Nativities

$16.00 each

3.5"L x 3.5"H

There are more garment colors available.

It hangs from a string.

The Wise Men shown in these ornaments, represent the traditional Wise Men that are described in the Bible. It is said that Melchior hailed from Persia, Gaspar from India, and Balthazar from Arabia.

The Gifts, however, are not traditional ones, but references to our Puerto Rican culture.

          B1 - Gifts: El Morro Fort, Flamboyán Tree, and the Taíno Cemí­

          B2 - Gifts: Vejigante Mask, Jayuya Sun, and Rooster

          B3 - Gifts: Box, Poinsettia, and Box

          B4 - Gifts: Güiro, Cuatro, and Maracas

          B5 - Gifts: Coquí­ Frog, Pilón, and Banana Ream

          B6 - Regular Nativity

          B7 - Wise Men with horizontal P.R. Flag

          B8 - Wise Men with vertical P.R. Flag

          B9 - Nativity with horizontal P.R. Flag

        B10 - Nativity with vertical P.R. Flag


C : Spherical Ornaments

$12.00 each.


Hangs from wall. 

More colors are available.

          C1 - Owl          

          C2 - Pájaro Bobo             

          C3 - San Pedrito             

          C4 - Carpintero

          C5 - Hummingbird

          C6 - Puerto Rican Parrot

          C7 - Coquí Frog

           C8 - Vejigante

          C9 - Fort

         C10 - Taíno Coquí

         C11 - Jayuya Sun

          C12 - Utuado Sun

          C13 - Caguana     









Ana "Ñeca" Negrón (San Juan, P.R.)

Check out more of Ana's work under Ceramic Crafts!

White Ceramic Ornaments

Hangs from Wall.

Great for Chrismas Trees or as wall hangings.

These designs are all available in more colors. 

Some designs are completely flat, while others have the option of having a small flower or heart placed on top.

They all hang from a short string. Some strings have a ceramic bead. Crosses have the option of hanging from either a string or a small wire on the back.

Some designs have "Puerto Rico" written on the front.

Matilde Medina (Yabucoa, P.R.)

Check out more of Matilde's work under Ceramic Crafts!

Angel, Nativity, and Wise Men Ornaments

Variety of designs; some available in different color options.


A : Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments

$17.00 each.


Hangs from wall. 

11 available colors: Sky Blue, Cappuccino, Dark Purple, Apple Green, Pink, Wine, Light Purple, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Yellow.

          A1 - Nativity     

          A2 - Three Wise Men          

          A3 - Angel            









Gisela Rosado (San Juan, P.R.)

Ceramic Ornaments

Variety of designs.

Available in different color options.


CTO-GR: Ceramic Ornaments

$9.50 each


      A - 3 Wise Men

      B - Nativity in Fort

      C - Nativity with Flamboyán

      D - Angel

      E - Fort with 3 Buildings 

      F - Fort with 1 Building 

      G - Three Buildings 

      H - Fort with Flowers 

      I - Passageway to Fort

      J - Old San Juan Gate

     K - Flag Door

     L - La Rogativa statue

     M - San Juan Cathedral

     N - Chapel of Christ

     O - Coquí Frog

     P - Puerto Rican Parrot

     Q - Puerto Rican Tody

      R - Hummingbird

      S - Turtle

      T -  Seahorse

      U - Clownfish

      V - Cats




Marisol Félix (Caguas, P.R.)

Ceramic Ornaments

Variety of designs.          

Ceramic Ornaments:

$12.00 each


Hangs from string.

"Puerto Rico" on front and back.

Signed and dated.

      MF-A - Single Fort

      MF-B - Double Fort




A1 - Nativity Blue Sky, $12

B1 - Nativity P.R. Flag, $12

Red Clay Ornaments:

$12.00 each


Design available in more colors if identified with this symbol   

All are signed on the back. 

Some say PR on the front. 



C1 - Nativity House, $12

D1 - Nativity Cradle, $12

E1 - Nativity Shooting Star, $12

F1 - 3 Wise Men Robes, $12  

G1 - 3 Wise Men Gifts, $12

H1 - 3 Wise Men P.R. Flag, $12

I1 - El Convento Hotel, $12

J1 - El Morro Fort, $12

K1 - Piragua Cart with Flag, $12

L1 - San Juan Cathedral , $12

M1 - La Fortaleza, $12

N1 - Chapel of Christ, $12

O1 - Old San Juan Buildings, $12 

P1 - Coquí Frog, $12 

Q1 - Palm Tree, $12

R1 - Puerto Rican Parrot, $12

S1 - LGBTQ Flag, $12

T1 - Menorah, $12

U1 - Star of David, $12

V1 - Heart Nativity, $12

W1 - 500 Years of S.J., $12

X1 - Fort at Night, $12

Vilma Juliá (San Sebastián, P.R.)

Y1 - San José Church, $12

A1 - Left-Facing Fish, $12

CTO-AN : White Ceramic Ornaments

$6.00 - $20.00 each

Ask for sizes.

More colors/textures are available!



A2 - Right-Facing Fish, $12

B1 - Sailboat, $14

C1 - Plain Bell, $12

C2 - Bell with "Peace", $12

D1 - Round Cat, $15

E1 - Cat with Tail, $20

F1 - Cross with Hook, $14

F1 - Cross with String, $14

G1 - Streamlined Tree with Year, $15

G2 - Solid Color Streamlined Tree, $12

H1 - Wavy Tree with Year, $15

H2 - Textured Wavy Tree, $12

H3 - Solid Color Wavy Tree, $12

I1 - House, $20

J1 - Bird, $20

K1 - Mini Hearts with PR, $6 each

K2 - Mini Hearts with Texture, $6 each

L1 - Heart with PR, $20

Z1 - Maga Flower and Bananaquit (Reinita), $12

AA1 - Beach at Night, $12

BB1 - Rooster with Flag, $12

Harry Santana (Aguadilla, P.R.)

CTO-AN : White Ceramic Ornaments

$12.00 - $16.00 each

More colors/textures are available for some designs. 



A1 - Glazed Butterfly , $16

B1 - Glazed Guitar , $15

C1 - Coquí Taíno , $13

C2 - Coquí PR , $13

D1 - Dove , $15

E1 - Cross with Cobblestones , $12

E2 - Glazed Cross , $12

F1 - Red Clay Cobblesone Heart , $15

F2 - White Clay Cobblesone Heart , $15

F3 - SMALL White Clay Cobblesone Heart , $13